Three decades of music by David Beede 
and some great friends...

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   If you've heard David perform recently most likely many of the songs you heard are on this CD. You can hear several of them on the "widget" player to the left.
This new edition now includes...

" The Melrose Song!"

With the inimitable Aaron O'Rourke on lead and bass dulcimers!
Please BUY one instead of "borrowing" one. It will help fund the Melrose Music video we're working on.

No Commercial Appeal
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David Beede, Mark Treacy & Suwonneh Wood were well known around Gainesville Florida during the late 70s playing under the tongue in cheek name of “No Commercial Appeal” (which unfortunately proved prophetic.) They played folk festivals, coffee houses and street corners from New Orleans to Maine. Their enthusiastic versions of American and British Isle folk tunes have stood the test of time. (22 tunes - see cover)

David Beede - hammered dulcimer, fretted dulcimer  & vocals
Suwonneh Wood - bowed psaltery, penny whistle, guitar  & vocals
Mark Treacy - guitar, fretted dulcimer & mandolin
Bill Dudley - recording engineer & guitar on “Ash Grove”

Now back in print! 
 These tunes were re-released on "Ancient Light" -Planxty  George Brabazon * Green Sleeves * Never Weatherbeaten Sail *South Wind  * Star of the County Down *  Hewlitt * Si Behg Si Mohr * Lute Duet (lap dulcimers) *

Eardrum Feathers
Available Again!
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Quasi-esoteric Folk Stuff on assorted semi-obscure instruments...

Back in print by popular demand!

The tunes in blue are also on the all instrumental collection Ancient Light.

Kayt Kennedy on bowed Psaltery
Bill Dudley on guitar.
David Beede - fretted dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, whistle, recorder & percussion 

  How Can I Keep From Singing * Castle Kelly *  Planxty Fanny Powers *  Killiecrankie *  Collaboration Across Time *  O’Carolan’s Welcome *  Como Poden *  Pretty Saro *  Hale’s Rag *  Morgan Meagan *  Morris Manley’s Polka *  Hewlitt *  Jimmy Garson’s March * Parson’s Farewell *  Bransley de Champagne *  Sofia *  Parting Glass


Ancient Light
ancientcover2.jpg (34780 bytes)
For those who prefer non-vocal music - this is a compilation of instrumentals from the 2 CDs above....

 Bransley de Champagne * Castle Kelly *  Planxty George Brabazon * Green Sleeves * O’Carolan’s Welcome * Never Weatherbeaten Sail * Morris Manley’s Polka *  South Wind  *  Killiecrankie  *  Como Poden *  Morgan Meagan * Star of the County Down *  Hewlitt *  Planxty Fanny Powers *  Si Behg Si Mohr *  Lute Duet (lap dulcimers) *  Parson’s Farewell * Sophia


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Back by popular demand! 
This is no longer out of print!

A collection of original songs by David Beede & Kayt Kennedy except "None But One" which is by Jean Ritchie (copyright Geordie Music Pub. Co. '71)

Songs:  None But One * Wings of Love * Red Wing Blackbird * Moonrise Through Windchimes/Fish Searching for Water *  Choosin’ Again * Holy Holograms * Collaboration Across Time * Minstrel of the Soul * Find the Light * Peace is Coming * Invitation

David- Vocals, guitar, fretted dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, penny whistle
Kayt Kennedy - Vocals, bowed psaltery


Click for larger image.

This is a whole CD of funny songs, some original, some collected, some borrowed some blue(s).

A crazy concert captured at the Across Town Repertoire Theater in Gainesville FL, complete with a rogue computer who tries to abort the evening.


Journey Through Pentatonia
Pentacover2.jpg (20723 bytes)
David and phenomenal French flautist Christine Alicot co-create these soothing soundscapes on silver flute, harp, hammered dulcimer, bowed psaltery, wind chimes, rain stick and drum.

1. Haven from a summer storm... (thunder provided by God - her timing is impeccable.)

2. What my heart is willing to feel...
    What my heart is willing to tell.

Reports claim this music is perfect for yoga, tai chi, meditation, birthings, hospice care and has been known to sooth a room full of kindergarteners at nap time....;-)


Songs in Progress...
these are not yet on any CD and may be early versions.

"Two Seeds" - a gourd banjo riddle song I wrote with my wifes kindergarten class. They sing along!

Uneasy Listening Music - tackling such things as war, affluence & religion - some people may find them offensive. If you think you might be such a person, listen at your own risk...;-)

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