Magic Pillow 5:04

Guitar, bass, shaker
& vocals -David Beede

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This was inspired by Bill Gessner's amazingly odd but effective song "Decorative Pillows." Mine, a commentary on "affluenza" has a darker slant and was also shaped by reading "Religion Explained: The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought" by Pascal Boyers. He also touched on  the nature of our memories, like why are some stories more memorable than others?
Magic Pillow…                    

I have a magic pillow… sometimes I fear it.
I swear that it breathes… some nights I hear it.
I’m pretty sure it remembers all my dreams.
It only tells me ‘bout the ones where I scream…
Crazy thoughts like these are hard to pass along
So I tuck them in a crazy little song.
‘tween crazy art and crazy artist there’s a fine & fuzzy line…
I often dance up to it - slip across it time to time.

Every second two people die
Every second four newborn babies cry
300 thousand folks join our planet every day
150 thousand go away
two families laugh and one family cries
take a breath… hello - hello - goodbye… Chorus:

400 wealthy Americans make more money in one year
Than the 30 poorest countries in Africa, I hear.
(Spoken… Total population 300 million… crazy)
We buy some art to complement our credenza
Can anyone die from acute “afluenza”….? Chorus:

Something I see as I grow older,
Crazy’s in the eyes of the beholder
To our friend who hides behind his dumpster where he cowers
Crazy’s in the eyes of those in power… Chorus:

Pillows know more than nocturnal stories
They know thoughts, words, deeds, & shames & glories
It’s not good news, but I’m sure my pillow said
There’s one just like it in every single bed. Chorus:

You have a magic pillow… sometimes you’ll fear it.
You’ll know that it breathes… on the nights you hear it.
You can be sure it’ll remembers all your dreams.
It only tells you ‘bout the ones where you scream…

by David Beede copyright August 2005

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